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For the last 20 years Wrzesińska Orkiestra Dęta has developed a unique approach to attract the audience. Youth and modern repertoire are a guarantee of a successful concert.

What do we play?


The program of our orchestra can consist of an independent, almost two-hour long concert. We present a rich and diverse repertoire of excellent and modern musical arrangements which prevent the audience from boredom. During the celebratory, gala concerts the orchestra is smartly dressed.

Show Parades

Our orchestra presents spectacular show parades, rewarded multiple times on festivals in Poland and abroad. During the performance we are accompanied by majorettes, what enriches the show and catches viewers’ attention.

In the course of the show we demonstrate an appealing choreography to popular and much-loved musical pieces, including polish ones. Our shows do not lack humour and entertaining elements.


In our offer there are parades as well, during which we perform marching pieces in amusing musical arrangements. The orchestra is led by a drum majorette; ahead of the orchestra majorettes march, which makes a parade more attractive.


Our orchestra has a very rich repertoire that includes more than a hundred pieces of popular, jazz and classical music standards, as well as marches and occasional pieces.

With a great deal of enthusiasm, we perform the greatest hits of popular music artists, in amazing, modern musical arrangements, orchestrated by such arrangers as Naohiro Iwai, Toshio Mashima or Manfred Schneider.

The list of selected musical pieces that we currently play:


  • Elvis in Concert, arr. P. Kleine Schaars
  • Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, arr. T. Mashima
  • Titanic Medley, arr. T. Hoshide
  • Wielkopolskie Wariacje, G. Duchnowski
  • Deep Purple Medley, arr. T. Sahashi
  • The Lion King, arr. J. Higgins
  • Espana Cani, arr. T. Mashima
  • Disney Festival, arr. T. Mashima
  • Paris Montmartre, arr. T. Mashima
  • Jonetsu Tairiku, arr. M. Amano
  • The Latin Pop Special, arr. M. Myokoin
  • Pilatus: Mountain of Dragons, arr. S. Reineke
  • Puszta,  J. van der Roost
  • Casiopeia, C. Marques

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Short History

Wrzesińska Orkiestra Dęta has played continuingly for more than 20 years. This group consists of about 50 young people who, thanks to their passion and commitment, create a unique team. Despite the fact that it is an amateur band, it stands out from the crowd because of its professionalism and attractive repertoire. It has played with the greatest polish artists, such as  Zbigniew Wodecki, Krystyna Prońko, Grażyna Łobaszewska, Alicja Majewska & Włodzimierz Korcz, and Andrzej Rybiński. Moreover, it has won many prestigious prizes and distinctions on national and international competitions. Ones of the most important awards are:

  • Bronze medal in the second category on 4th International Competition for Wind Orchestras in Velenje in Slovenia in October 2010. Considering the high level of the competition this should be treated as the greatest achievement of our orchestra.
  • I prize in concert performance and a special prize for a show parade on International Competition “Diffwinds” in Differdange in Luxembourg in July 2008.
  • Golden Prize Summa Cum Laude Laureate on International “Złota Lira” Competition in Rybnik in Poland in June 2018.
  • Grand Prix on XXXIX Polish Youth Wind Orchestras Festival in Inowrocław in Poland in June 2011.
  • II prize in the third category on prestigious International Wind Orchestras Competition in Flicorno d’Oro in Riva del Garda in Italy in March 2005.


Every year our orchestra gives several concerts during which we present extremally rich and attractive repertoire.

Our band has played across the whole country, as well as in Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Czech Republic.

In the repertoire of Wrzesińska Orkiestra Dęta one can find the greatest hits of popular, film and jazz music. Thanks to interesting and innovative pieces’ orchestrations by the world’s best arrangers our band breaks the stereotype of the wind orchestra that plays nothing but marches.

Show Parades performed by our orchestra are noticed to be greatly popular. During a performance the orchestra is accompanied by majorettes led by the drum majorette – Ewa Olszewska.

Wrzesińska Orkiestra Dęta has recorded 6 albums representing our artistic achievements. The CDs are available to listen on our website: www.orkiestra.wrzesnia.pl. On this page one can also watch recordings from the concerts, see the photo gallery and learn about the history and the repertoire of our orchestra.

Through the orchestra’s effort, Wrzesiński Festival for Wind Orchestras, which has gained popularity in our country and abroad, has attracted the best Polish and European orchestras every year since 2005.